Turmeric glow kit

Turmeric glow kit

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This kits come with 1 turmeric oil, 1 turmeric soap, 1 turmeric butter, 1 turmeric scrub, 1 face wash band , 1 cosmetics spoon.



The dula x turmeric is the original dula with turmeric oil added this can help promote healthy skin, reduces swelling and inflammation and remove blackheads and whiteheads. the turmeric helps even out dark marks from hyperpigmentation.



The turmeric soap is goats milk bases it has turmeric in it which helps hyperpigmentation, and hemp oil which helps reduce inflammation caused my acne.


The turmeric scrub is an exfoliant that is going to help get rid of dead skin and bring up new skin cells. along with the turmeric which is going to help promote brighter skin that will give you that inner glow.


The turmeric butter is made with mango butter which has vitamin a it that which helps with renewing healthy skin cells.